Choosing your shoes…

First thing we notice in a man’s outfit: his shoes. It is often said that we can judge a man regarding the shoes he is wearing…

Too many men tend to dismiss the matter of wedding shoes. “Anyway, who is going to look at them?”

Well, Gentlemen, would you believe it that regarding many Behavioral Psychology studies, the shoes is one of the first things people are paying attention to when meeting someone (after the watch and the haircut)!

The only fact that you’re wearing a suit on your wedding will eliminate some models of shoes. And for a perfect  and chic outfit, opt for an elegant and secure model like Richelieu/Oxford shoes. Originally, the Richelieu shoes are extremely formal and noble models. It is the ideal model to wear with a suit. It is amazingly elegant thanks to its fineness and the purity of its lines. They are easy to spot because they do not have any flaps. The splitting shank moves off to let the foot get in while putting them on. With their closed lacing, the shoe once laced, comes back to its thin shape and “close to the foot” look. Often made of only one leather cut, the Richelieu shoes are the most elongated models, with most of the time a tapered shape.