How to choose your suit ?

It’s time to get dressed for the “Wedding Season” but you can’t decide what to wear? Are you the lucky man?

Gentlemen, be elegant and avoid style mistakes, especially if you’re the one placing the ring on your partner’s finger… Through this article, we will talk about the best way to dress for this event. Whether you are the groom, the best man or a guest, it is always nice to getting dressed up. That is why there are a few rules to follow and it is important to find a good balance which will make you look stylish and sober at the same time.

A suit’s role is to sublimate your style and your body, it is out of question to wear a jacket which is too long for example. You would look like you are swimming in it. A jacket which is too short would also not be appropriate, you would look like you are suffocating. Pay attention to the length of your trousers: too long and it will hide your shoes and give a “compact” effect, too short and the view of your socks will be quite spooky. 

To avoid all of this, you will find below a few advice which will help you choose the perfect suit for you.

Your jacket :

1. The shoulders
You are probably wondering, why look at this detail first? Well it is actually a major element which structures your suit: the seam must coincide with the spot where your shoulder is “breaking”.

2. The length of your jacket
If the edges of your jacket are falling lower than your bottom, this is for sure a mistake. The ideal for a perfect length is that the edges stop at the level of the palms of your hands.

3. The bending of the jacket
For a perfect curve and an adjusted line, the jacket shall fir the contours of your figure but always be careful that folds aren’t appearing, that would mark the fabric. And of course, you have to be able to close your jacket easily.

Now let’s talk about your trousers and its length : 
It is really simple, the bottom of the trousers should fall on the shoe in order not to create any fold on the leg.


Are you a guest ?

No need to do too much. It’s of course important to show your style but you should be measured when preparing your outfit. Indeed you are not the area of interest of the day and you are not the one being spotlighted. Be elegant and stay yourself. You have the right to be noticed but do not outshine the groom.

Do you have an important role during the reception?

Father, brother of the groom or of the bride, best man? You will be requested during the whole day, people will look for you and will notice you. That is why it is important for you to look good. Choose the refinement and the elegance, be classy! Last but not least, a tip for the best men: Pay attention to your outfits in order to be matched to the others and to the groom. It always look better, also on the pictures!

Are you the groom ?

You are the area of interest gentlemen, but the bride also of course! Please yourself and please your sweetheart! She will be more than happy to see her soul-mate looking amazing on one the most beautiful days of his life. You will be on the forefront so do not hesitate to be the most handsome. Your wedding pictures will follow you your whole life, so imagine a moment the reaction of your kids and what they will say when they’ll see them…

Wear at least a complete two-piece with a nice shirt and a tie or a trendy bow tie. Another option would be to go next level and wear the matching vest to transform your suit in a three-piece. Do not forget that the sleeveless vest has to be worn really fitted. To finish up your outfit, think about accessorizing it with a bow tie, a lavalliere tie, a tie matching your buttonhole or handkerchief.


It is often said that we can judge a man regarding the shoes he is wearing or the importance he’s giving to small details which are making a difference. In this post we will talk about the complete outfit, the suit, the shoes, the bow tie, the tie, the cuff-links…

First step, the idea of the style and the style which looks like you.

The fashion trends is different to each man, vary every year and can sometimes give a headache. Hipster, classic, bohemian or extrovert… so many possibilities and for sure a few of them matching your personality. The simple question to ask yourself is: “which style looks like me?” Indeed, the most important in your choice is that you are at ease and in harmony with yourself.

Then it’s up to you to choose a two-piece suit (jacket and trousers), a 3-piece one (jacket, trousers, vest) or a 4-piece suit (jacket, trousers, vest, tie / lavalliere tie or bow tie).

You could take a look on the Internet and see what kind of styles could be interesting for you; type some key words like “blue suit”, “trendy suit”, “bohemian chic suit”, “Linen suit”, “2-piece suit”, “3-piece-suit”, “4-piece suit”…

And finally, the accessories will come to complete your outfit.